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The Orchard-Park São Clemente – The English Gardens

The Orchard-Park São Clemente – The English Gardens

Once a beautiful and impressive garden, work done probably by the French landscaper Auguste Marie François Glaziou, the similarity found between the painted stroke on the screen that represents the property, authored by Henry Walder, dated 1895, belonging to the farm assets and other known projects of his own, including some commissioned by Clemente Pinto’s family members.

In 2004, the recovery of palms species and rare trees started in the Orchard-Park.

In 2012, the revitalization of all the meandering paths and alleys were completed. The Orchard-Park has three interconnected lakes, one of them containing an island.

The Orchard-Park, with an area of 48.000m2, even today, counts with centuries-old trees and hardwood.